Barney Danzansky

Bernard “Barney” Danzansky

Bernard “Barney” Danzansky and his brother-in-law founded Equity Development Group, LLC, a real estate development firm, back in 2006 and added Comet Construction, a commercial general contracting business, to the Equity corporate umbrella during the great recession of 2008.  Barney is responsible for finance, sales and overall administration of both the real estate and construction arms of the Company.

Barney joined Woodhouse as an Independent Sales Representative in 2022, while he was constructing a Woodhouse structure that he purchased from them.  Barney was impressed with the incredible value, exceptional service, energy-efficiency and manufacturing quality of the Woodhouse product; Woodhouse was looking for an in-residence Independent Sales Representative to service prospective clients in areas of Western North Carolina.  Barney’s “forever” house will be completed in October, 2022, in Asheville where he and his wife Marci enjoy entertaining, hiking and gardening.  Barney intends to split time between Asheville, their villa in Boca Raton and in their motor coach wandering around the United States.  Barney was born in Washington, DC and grew up in Hollywood, Florida.

After attending Georgetown University, he met his wife, Marci.  Together they moved back to South Florida to raise three boys who are now grown.  Barney enjoys working with clients, employees and his family, helping everyone he meets to move forward in achieving their goals.  When not working, you can find Barney and Marci at Burning Man baking bread at Lovin’ Oven.

“Service to our clients is our first obligation if we are to grow and prosper.  The best way to cope with problems is to look at any allegations seriously, give all stakeholders a fair opportunity to express themselves and then make a serious effort to do something constructive to correct any shortcomings.”  – Bernard Danzansky”